Our Mission

-To share responsibly farmed specialty coffee.

-To support investigative education!

-To strengthen community safety, recognize investigators, and share their stories.


 Our Story

We're about service before self.  We have dedicated our lives to forensics because we believe in the power of science to make society safer.  Coffee has always been right there with us through the long hours in the lab and unpredictable nights at crime scenes.  Coffee and forensics go hand in hand.  Why not leverage the coffee we drink to empower better forensics and give back to the community?  We want to share our love for unbiasedly good coffee - for the greater good!

 Meet the Team

Krish Patel - Design/Operations

Originally from across the pond, Krish has been living and breathing Forensics for 20+ years; she's got an eye for identification - and for the finer things in life!  Any CSI person will whole-heartedly tell you, crime solving begins with a good cuppa' - and we're not talking tea here!  Nothing brings people together like coffee and Krish wouldn't hesitate to brew you up a cup of the good stuff.


Ronny Barnett - Manages All Things Coffee

Our true skateboarding, punk rocking musician that has an infinite love for coffee.  In addition to his drumming and singing days, Ronny spent a decade globe-trotting with the love of his life, Jenny.  They immersed themselves in vibrant cultures.  Lodging and exploring on a coffee farm in Lago Atitlan, Guatemala sparked his inspiration to seek the highest quality beans for roasting coffee.



Johnny Mai - Operations/Wholesale

Saying that Johnny is adventurous by nature is an understatement; his impressive background consists of serving in the U.S. Air Force as a Bomb Squad Tech, defusing bombs in combat situations... yes, you read right... he was responsible for cutting the right wires!  After serving the country, Johnny has since switched gears and continues to make a difference as a CSI - you'll find him with a mug in one hand and a camera in the other.


Rick Tran - Logistics

Not only is Rick good with numbers, efficiency, and organization, he is our very own chef and culinary connoisseur.  An avid traveler and a true foodie at heart, he has found the symbiotic relationship between the culture of cuisine and coffee.  Rick's philosophy to life is simple - live and let live; so live it up with unbiasedly good coffee - which he'll happily package with the utmost care and ship to your door!